SLS was established by experts who were leading the industry of semiconductor from the beginning in LG semiconductor Co. Ltd. Since early 1980, we had concentrated on developing non-memory products including logic IC and set up the channel of business from Korea to Overseas.

On the basis of such experiences, we had developed system IC business in LG semiconductor Co. Ltd., and after leaving the company, we organized the business in the fields of design, manufacturing and marketing.  
As superiority over the area of system IC manufacturing and sales, we are dealing with Standard Logic IC(4000 Series, 74HC Series,74HCT Series, 74LV Series, 74LS Series) and System Analog IC(Telephone IC, TV IC, Audio System IC, Timers, Comparators, Operational Amplifiers, Power Electronics).

SLS is willing to provide customers with distinguished services including development of Products , FAB foundry, PKG fabrication , and TEST. SLS promises to keep confidences among our customers and to maintain reliabilities of our products. Thank you.